Gas Safety Checks For Business What Are They

Gas Safety Checks For Business What Are They

Sep 1, 2020 Business by esm7i

Gas in the workplace is a potential hazard. As an employer or the owner of a business you have a legal responsibility to keep your customers and employees safe, including safe from the threat of gas problems. In order to keep compliant, you need to have a series of checks carried out on your appliances to ensure they are running correctly and safely.

Why You Need Gas Safety Checks?

Besides the fact that it is a legal responsibility to have your appliances checked regularly, it is also important to consider the safety of anyone within your premises and have a maintenance check carried out. One of the main dangers of appliances that are not well-maintained is carbon monoxide. You cannot smell carbon monoxide and you cannot see it, but it can kill. If you do not have your appliances checked you will not know for sure if they are leaking gas or causing a carbon monoxide problem. Carbon monoxide poisoning results in symptoms similar to other common illnesses, so it is hard to see when someone is suffering from this issue. The only way to be sure that appliances in the work place are safe is to have them checked. Also, it is important to have gas appliances checked so that they run well and are not wasting energy or money. Since gas bills can quickly mount for London businesses, it is important that appliances are efficient. A gas check by a qualified gas engineer London offers is the ideal way to see if changes can be made that will save your business money.

What Are The Legal Obligations for Gas Safety in the Workplace?

You should have a gas inspection on workplace appliances every year in order to make sure you are complying with legal obligations. This check must be carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer – the check is not valid, and you may run into legal problems, if you do not use a Gas Safe engineer. The key legal obligations are listed within the following frameworks: The Health & Safety at Work Act (1974), the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998, and the Workplace Regulations.. You do not necessarily have to know everything that is written within these legislations. If in doubt, consult a commercial gas engineer.

What Appliances Need to be Checked?

Anything in the workplace that uses gas, including heating appliances like boilers and fires, and water heating appliances, catering equipment like ovens and grills, and laundry equipment like tumble dryers and irons.

Are Any Other Procedures Recommended?

As well as checking for safety, you should also have regular maintenance carried out on appliances. Check with a commercial gas engineer if some of your equipment is malfunctioning. London gas engineers can usually respond swiftly to a business call-out. In addition, consider replacing boilers after a number of years.

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